TRZ Garments Industry Ltd. has been a well-established woven manufacturer in the heart of Bangladesh, within the RMG sector since 1999. It started its journey initially with 400 workers and now has grown to 5000+ employees. The factory of TRZ Garments industry Ltd. at Gazipur covers well over 327,000 square feet. It has two sister companies named HN Garments and Nowsin Garments. TRZ has manufactured a wide range of garments consisting of ski wear, all sorts of winter jackets, swimming trunks, hunting wear, and fishing wear. In about 54 production lines, TRZ Garments industry has an average production capacity of well over 650,000 pieces per month. We have actively taken part in the 3- year CBI Export Marketing Program ‘Target 2005’ and have also obtained all necessary certificates to be 100% compliant. The company has been working globally with suppliers from Western Europe, USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Australia, Russia, Middle East and other parts of Asia.

Message from our Managing director

TRZ Garments Industry Ltd. has accomplished many achievements that was never before encountered in the industry. Our leading pace has always been accredited to our culture, with a deep understanding
that in order to improve the lives of our clients we must reflect our internal working culture and our promise for a wonderful world. Our teams evidently understand that how we operate is just as crucial as what we accomplish.
It is through the spirit of teamwork and strong sense of vision that we stride towards our goals. Hand in hand, we take the journey to pioneer the way in this fast paced environment as we pave the way towards creating value for all
our stakeholders and truly honor our vision towards a wonderful world.

Message from ceo

TRZ Garments Industry Ltd. is a well-established and leading SPECIAL Woven Garments Manufacturing Factory in the RMG sector of Bangladesh with 100% Export Oriented Woven Garments manufacturing facility. This company is a
long-time supplier for amongst others, H&M, CABELAS, ACADEMY, PRIMARK, ALDI, HEMA, Carrefour, CK, TERRANOVA, C&A, M&S, Mothercare, DICK’S, Costco, Intersports, Didrikson and others. TRZ adheres to Corporate Social Responsibility
principles. TRZ Garments Industry Ltd had actively taken part in the 3-year CBI Export Marketing Program-‘Target 2005’. TRZ Garments Industry Ltd has also obtained the ISO 9001-2008 certificate by